William Stillman

Why Hire William Stillman?

“My name is Rachel Simon, and last summer a new friend of mine asked me if I would like to attend your one-day seminar in Lancaster, PA. I did, and found myself propelled to an entirely new way of viewing people with different ways of being. The lessons of that day continue to have great meaning for me to this day. I mean this literally, as I just finished rereading Demystifying The Autistic Experience, and now my mind is swirling anew with your many invaluable insights. So thank you again for sharing your knowledge with others, and for doing it so well. You are really making the world a better place.”

– Rachel Simon, Author of Riding the Bus with My Sister: A True Life Journey (on which the Rosie O’Donnell film is based)

“I’ve been at Pathway for sixteen years and we’ve had many speakers–congressmen, sports figures, etc, and I’ve never seen a standing ovation! You touched many, many individuals. Since your presentation, many people have sought me out to tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation–they have felt challenged to think and to change ways of working with some of our students.Your courage and honesty is apparent in your way of relating to your audience–thank you for doing what is challenging to you to help teach us.

I believe there will be positive changes here at Pathway, as a result of your presentation.”

– Michelle Trusty, O.T., The Pathway School


William Stillman is an award-winning author of 10 autism and special needs parenting books including his ground breaking work, Autism and the God Connection. An adult with Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild “cousin” of autism, Stillman has worked to serve people with different ways of being since 1987. Stillman’s unique logic and unconventional perspective is valued for insight from the inside-out. 

William is available for psychic readings, keynote speaking and workshops.

Areas of Expertise: Psychic Medium – Visionary – Autism – Education – Self-Development and Developing your Personal Intuition.

See William in ACTION: William Stillman, Psychic Medium gives an impromptu reading to show host Layne “The Doc” Roberts of WMGH Radio (Pottsville, PA) that leaves him stunned and weepy!  View Video Below



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