Nikki Moore

Why Hire Nikki Moore?

  • Captivating, inspiring and thought provoking, Nikki, will share the emotional story of her husband’s late stage cancer diagnosis while intertwining the life lessons that came to the forefront of their experience to inspire others to live in the present, engage in acts of kindness and simply, Live Moore. Nikki and Matt’s hope is that through the sharing of their heartbreak to triumph story, that participants will reevaluate their overall quality of happiness and well-being, re-prioritize their connections and experiences over materialistic gains, explore ways to support one another through kindness and remind the audience that this life is a gift, therefore, Live Moore!
  • Colon Cancer Advocate: Nikki dedicates a lot of her time shining a light on Colon Cancer Awareness and promoting early testing.  As her late husband was only 32 when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, she firmly believes in early detection.  You can find Nikki using her Live Moore brand and the legacy of her husband, Matthew to be a face and advocate to enhance the awareness of colon cancer and to embrace each day by “Living Moore”.


        Nikki Moore is the Co-Founder of Live Moore Co., a lifestyle apparel brand, successful entrepreneur, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Author and Inspirational Speaker.

        Matt & Nikki Moore were in their early 30’s, running two successful businesses, happily married and with their first baby on the way.  Suddenly and unexpectedly they were faced with one of the biggest obstacles imaginable: cancer.  Hear their journey of facing daily challenges both personally & professionally, opening their hearts to deeper understandings of life, and through it all, creating a brand to inspire others to Live Moore!

        What is unique about Nikki:

        Ever since childhood, it has been Nikki’s passion to help others. Through her work as an entrepreneur, clinician, author and speaker it continues to be her goal to inspire others to bravely go into the emotional wreckage that one may be faced with; and do the hard work in order to come out the other side to live a healthy and fulfilling life. 

        Nikki’s real-life experiences give her a captivating authenticity, vulnerability, warmth and sense of humor that takes you on a personal exploration as she courageously shares her personal journey as a caregiver through cancer, a business owner, a mom, a wife, and now widow. Her biggest hope is that through hearing her story that the audience will experience an awakening, re-evaluation of life, and a desire to Live Moore without having to go through a health crisis as she and her family did.

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