Lewis Jaffe

Why Hire Lewis Jaffe?

  • Lew is a master communicator, connecting with people and making the complicated, simple. Lew does more than motivate; he provides tools that can be used immediately after he presents, therefore creating an immediate impact with the audience. 
  • Lew has created over $1 Billion in shareholder value for the companies he founded and advised. He shares his craft with audiences all over the world, empowering them with the tools that drive value. 
  • Lew holds numerous technology patents helping people to collaborate and communicate in new and exciting ways. He has a gift for making the complicated sound simple, connecting with a wide demographic and industry backgrounds. 
  • Lew was the lead independent director of Benihana driving growth and acquisitions of other brands including RA Sushi and Haru. The vision he created is explored and can be applied to all business that want to grow. 
  • Lew has lead the IPO and secondary offerings in multiple industries. He shares the tips and tricks to tell a story that people buy into.
  • Lew is an award-winning professor at Loyola Marymount University’s top-ranked 15 Entrepreneurship program; he creates the best of the best with his lessons and insights. 
  • Lew is known as the “godfather of video conferencing.” He not only built his company but currently advises other top industry leaders.
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No Ordinary Executive Business Coach and Speaker

Lew has spent his entire career helping companies, and executives solve problems, fix businesses, and create shareholder value. His unique approach to business strategy consulting has significantly increased the bottom lines of national brands. A long time member of YPO, he has been featured in CNBC, ABC, Forbes, The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Boston Globe, Inc., and Fortune.

Lew Jaffe is an entrepreneur, former high-tech CEO, college professor (won professor of the year in his second year of teaching), philanthropist, and has founded three companies. In his career, he has created over $1 Billion in shareholder value through growing businesses and executing successful exit strategies. Many consider Lew to be “The Godfather of Video Conferencing,” as the company, PictureTel, created the first video conferencing systems for use over telephone lines, long before Skype and Facetime. Today, Lew is a clinical professor of entrepreneurship and an executive coach dedicated to maximizing the potential of his students and clients. Also, he is a public company board member and is known for creating tremendous value.

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