Kelly Falardeau

Why Book Kelly Falardeau?

  • Kelly has her own Documentary called “Still Beautiful”, that can also be a part of a special viewing for your event.
  • At the age of 2, Kelly was severely burned over 75% of her body in her childhood home. Her life was forever changed in that moment. It led to numerous surgeries throughout her life. Because her scars are so visible it led to a life of being highly visible, to being bullied, to being shunned, to being avoided because they were uncomfortable knowing how to talk to her,and to her not feeling wanted, needed or even loved. But she has a beautiful story of discovering for herself that she wanted herself, she needed herself and most of that she loved herself. She became herself and she owned who she was. She was not defined by what happened to her, not by any event that happened to her.
  • Has graced the stage multiple times for TEDx and is a 5x International Best Selling Author.
  • Close to 10 million views on her featured video with Goalcast (view video below)
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I’ve heard of speakers getting standing ovations, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a speaker getting a standing ovation BEFORE saying a word on stage. Kelly Falardeau has had this happen to her not once, but twice! I know, I was shocked too! You might ask yourself how this could happen?

Simple, a powerful story. When you hear her story, you’ll believe it too. The 2-yr-old who got burnt to most of her body; was known as the Ugly Scar-Faced Girl defied the odds to create an incredible story of love, hope, acceptance and perseverance. She is a multiple time TEDx talker, YWCA Woman of Distinction, Fierce Woman of the Year, 5x international Best-Selling Author and honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal. She has graced magazines, TV, radio and media around the world. Not only that, one video of her life story landed over 8.7 million views! Yes, she has inspired millions of people and I am confident she will inspire your audience too.

She has four topics I believe will interest you and your audience and give them some great takeaways; Diversity: The New Inclusion, Perseverance in Today’s Demanding World, Not All Scars are Visible and You’re More Than Enough.

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