Dave Martin

Why Hire Dave Martin?

Dr Dave Martin is one of the worlds greatest communicators. He has the ability to share deep insights and profound knowledge all while making us laugh. If you put into practice the leadership principles he shares, they will ultimately change the trajectory of your life and your business.

— John Maxwell | Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Leader

“Dave Martin is an outstanding speaker, inspiring author, and impactful coach. His work impacts millions around the world!”

— Nido Qubein | President, High Point University

Dr. Dave Martin:

Dr. Dave Martin, Your Success Coach, inspires and equips individuals and corporations to pursue success in personal life and in business. Using principle based coaching and transformative thinking, Dave has been a mentor, a leader, and an inspirational and motivational speaker for over 25 years. He shares timeless truths, wrapped in humor and delivered with passion, coaching people to possess a life of success and to create the groundwork for an enduring legacy.

Dave engages his audience with interactive methods of learning and is focused on changing ingrained thought patterns and expanding the conventional mindset. Based in Orlando, Florida, Dave is booked domestically and internationally for corporate speaking events, seminars and keynotes. He is also the author of several best-selling books including The 12 Traits of the Greats, and Another Shot. Thousands have invested in his personal coaching systems and participate in Dave’s free weekly podcast, Success Made Simple.

Dave is a member of NSA and is part of their Million Dollar Speakers Group. In addition to speaking regularly in corporations, colleges and seminars, Dave is a keynote speaker at Get Motivated events across the nation. He is founder and president of Dave Martin International which champions principle-based coaching by connecting, encouraging, and investing in business leaders, rising entrepreneurs, and anyone desiring a life of more.

Areas of Expertise: Vision/Purpose, Image/Self-Esteem, Personal Development, Goal Setting, Philanthropy.