Aquanetta Gordon

Why Book Aquanetta Gordon?

  • A woman. A mother. A fighter. A survivor who has found her faith behind doors and sobs muffled in pillows. A woman who has found her strength advocating for the weak and the powerless. A woman who wakes every day with the power, passion and purpose to make a difference – so that others may live freely and abundantly.
  • She is a woman of beauty and grace. She is a woman of purpose and wholehearted authenticity. She is a woman of strength, integrity, and deep-rooted faith. Her love cannot be quenched by action or deed. She extends forgiveness to the young man who robbed her youngest son of his life.
  • She is a woman, a warrior, a servant of Jesus Christ. She is inspirational, a powerhouse of strength and love. She is an encourager, a motivator, a woman who breathes to give hope to others. She is a gift to us all. She is Aquanetta Gordon.


Inspirational Speaker, Published Author and Founder of the Ben Underwood Foundation.

Aquanetta has appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and TV programs around the world with her son, Ben Underwood. 

She continues to share inspirational stories about raising Ben, a blind boy who was known as “the boy who could see with sound.” With him, Aquanetta co-founded the Ben Underwood Foundation to assist disadvantaged teens.

Gordon continues to speak about her life with Ben at personal empowerment seminars, churches and other events around the United States. Gordon was also chosen by the United Way in Sacramento to speak on behalf of the organization and share her story with corporate leaders.  She is a native of southern California who has raised five children.  She currently resides in Sacramento.