Annella Metoyer

Why Book Annella Metoyer?

  • “If you want your people to be feeling good and making positive changes for weeks and months and years after, then Annella Metoyer is y our simple choice.  She truly is someone who motivates your people to stop, think, analyze, and change.  She leaves an incredibly uplifting impact on her audiences.  Your people will truly thank you for brining Annella into their lives.  If you want a real catalyst for lasting, positive change, Annella is your resource!” 

– Paul Pettie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for a Major Hospital System

  • “If you are looking for an authentic, experiences speaker who connects with audiences, Annella is the speaker for you and your organization.  She speaks on real topics that resonate with audiences from the topics of fear to change, and how to be the voice in the room that makes a difference.  I always look forward to hearing Annella speak because she has truly walked the path and wants to help others in the process.”

– Dr. Kim Nugent, Dr. Nugent Speaks | Innovation Leadership Coach

  • “Annella’s message on overcoming fear and adversity is as powerful as it is empowering.  She transforms the energy in the room.  The personal stories she shares and the advice on tapping into your power source will help anyone struggling move forward with more courage.  I loved Annella’s talk and know that those lucky enough to hear her will find it inspiring too!  Bring her on as your next speaker and your audience will thank you.”

– Andrea B. Cadelli, MFA, Storytelling Consultant and Trainer

Top Motivational Speaker of the Year


Keynote speaker and author, Annella Metoyer empowers leaders and emerging leaders to be the change within their organizations. With over 35 years of solving complex problems and building high performing teams in the financial industry, Annella knows firsthand what it will take to lead and succeed in today’s complex business world. Annella believes that great leadership relies on the ability to develop others and create a culture of powerful teamwork. She combines her executive experience with extensive interviews, research, and incredible personal stories to bring her powerful message to audiences.

As a speaker, Annella’s previous forty-year career in the financial industry gave her a wide range of experience in Sales Leadership, Business Development, Strategic Business Planning, Process Improvement, Customer Service, Client/Public Relations, Revenue Growth/Expense Control, Talent Management, Training and Development, and Performance Management. 

She was recognized as a collaborative leader skilled at inspiring teams to achieve aggressive goals and objectives. Annella shares her experience from her business and entrepreneurial careers. Her stories empower individuals to reflect on their fear and tap into their power. When you book one of Annella’s keynote presentations, you can count on a highly engaging experience.

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