Andrea Cadelli

Why Book Andrea Cadelli?

  • The future is a result of the stories we tell and believe. Leaders and companies don’t fail at change because they lack great ideas. They fail because they didn’t succeed at changing the narrative that connects their core values and beliefs to the culture, to the heart of the company.
  • Dynamic and entertaining, Andrea uses storytelling to teach and inspire a new generation of leaders who want to successfully manage change by connecting with both the hearts and minds of their associates. “Stories are evidence of your truth. They are more powerful than your opinions. Opinions build walls. Stories help you tear them down. If you want people to listen, to care, to follow you, tell them your story.
  • When you book one of Andrea’s keynotes get ready to be captivated by her stories and energetic style. She blends personal and business stories with current research, relevant examples, and case studies to ensure a memorable experience. Andrea is committed to building an emotional bond with her audience by delivering quality content, relevant stories, and actionable ideas.


Andrea Cadelli is the founder and CEO of Newcastle Media, LLC & Heart Fire Stories®, a speaking and storytelling coaching company based in Northwest Arkansas.

As a master storyteller specializing in effective communication and persuasive speaking skills, Andrea works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and public speakers to discover, craft and share stories that resonate with your target audience and influence behaviors.

Whether you are pitching an idea, transitioning through change, communicating your brand, or trying to motivate with your message, stories are the most powerful way to connect and engage your audience and move them in the desired direction.

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