About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Why I chose to represent some of the best speakers in the world!

I’m a natural performer… I grew up on the stage singing and acting.

Evolving into public speaking came naturally for me as I grew my global business.

As time went on, I started to see a gap that I could fill.

With the combination of my past as a publicist in the corporate world and working now with public figures in the speaking world, I saw that most of them didn’t understand how corporate events operated and how they budgeted for paid keynote speakers.

With my experience I can easily enhance the needs for both sides involved to create a happy medium of what I call “The Positive Ripple Effect”.

I may not always be the speaker that is in demand for a certain event but I get to be the one that connects the right speaker to the event coordinator.

This is the perfect combination and description of abundance.

I see so much talent out there that is being wasted on the wrong speaking engagements and not getting paid their worth, and on the flip side I see events not getting the value they paid for.

I am the bridge.

The solution.

The problem solver… that creates abundance for everyone!

Karie Lynn Millspaugh
Publicity and Speaking Agent for Public Figures
Founder and President of Publicity Creations by Design and 5 Star Keynote Speakerp